747 Third Avenue Face Lift

March 14, 2012

BY: Bisnow

Montroy Andersen DeMarco will redesign new common corridors and bathrooms at 747 Third Ave.

The Emery, Roth & Sons-designed 747 Third Avenue was the first all-electric commercial building when it was built in 1972 and one of the first to introduce lobby artwork. Now 40 years later, it’s undergone a multi-million dollar renovation, and we stopped by to see the upgrades with Sage Realty’s Jonathan Iger—great-grandson of owner The William Kaufman Org’s namesake. 

Jonathan with Sage’s Sara DeGaetano and Veronica Rosmaninho on the vacant second floor, which has a lease out… The new tenants will also see redesigned common corridors and bathrooms by… Montroy Andersen DeMarco. Jonathan says he’s seen a lot of foot traffic from tech and creative companies (the building is already home to German, Russian, and Canadian broadcasting companies, among others). 

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